Comprehensive Solutions

Leveraging many years of experience working with organizations of all types and sizes, we can quickly recognize the unique demands of your sales, sales management, employee engagement, communication, and marketing-related processes, and help you identify the best opportunities for improvement.

Training & Coaching

Presented in a positive, interactive style that is rooted in the concept of building upon strengths, our customized training and coaching programs have been consistently well-received by people of all tenure levels in virtually every business sector. You can select on-site or remote delivery, or implement an affordable blended approach.

Key focus areas include Sales, Sales Management, Customer Service, Business Communication, Presentation Skills, and client-specific custom topics.


If you'd like to improve your sales process, team meetings, client communication, marketing communication, or employee engagement, we can help you identify and implement effective solutions.

We can also help you develop a strong and proactive sales management effort by sharing best practices, performance management fundamentals and time-saving organizational tools. Flexible collaborative options provide on-demand access, scheduled interactions, and easy budgeting.

Tailored Support

Whether you're in need of copy writing, facilitation, or marketing communication support, you can depend on us to deliver professional, on-time solutions that are aligned with your values and brand. Clients regularly seek our help to create all forms of sales and marketing material, such as web copy, social media content, press releases, case studies, newsletters, white papers, and more.

Many also leverage our facilitation services to run dynamic sales meetings, board meetings, or special events,

Effective Business Communication

Getting your point across to your audience or team in exactly the right way can be challenging, and can have a significant impact on personal success. Our communication programming is ideal for those who would like to:

  • Make more powerful presentations
  • Run better meetings
  • Interact more harmoniously with others
  • Reduce miscommunication
  • Improve managerial and motivational skills
  • Manage relationships up the chain-of-command
  • Become more persuasive
  • Build stronger workplace and client relationships

We can help you plan and deliver the right message in verbal or written format. Learn more...

Do You Lead Virtual or Remote Sessions?

Technology, practicality, and emerging workplace cultures have brought about the need for sales professionals and leaders to master remote meeting management and communication skills.

We can share proven best practices for conducting more interactive, productive virtual meetings, presentations, customer support calls, or training sessions that will engage participants and boost effectiveness.

Restaurant Sales & Customer Service

Would you like to apply a proven approach to engaging customers and employees that is geared specifically toward enhancing the ordering and dining experience as well as team productivity and morale?

We can help you develop your staff in a unique way by teaching them how to apply strategic communication and key customer service fundamentals. You'll see productivity and profitability rise, along with measurable improvements in:

  • Team retention/lower turnover
  • Customer experience (CX!)
  • Sales growth, and more!

Enterprise & Customer Engagement!

As a Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP), we can help you achieve almost any goal that involves people—customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and even communities. Our approach is research-and-experience-based, and designed for generating results in a measurable way, thus taking the traditional warm and fuzzy out of engagement, and instead providing a measurable, tangible return on investment (ROI).

Download the free white paper,,,

Supported by The Engagement Agency and a strategic alliance with Gallup, this approach is based on extensive research confirming that engaging people to achieve goals requires more than traditional carrots.

Organizations getting the best results are those that apply a systematic series of steps, which are outlined in the executive summary referenced above and explained further in the video to your left. This proactive, approach will help you achieve your short-term goals and long-term objectives while achieving a tangible return on investment.

Are You a Professional Service Provider?

Working and consulting with professional service providers of all types has become a specialty.

Attorneys, financial advisors, accounting and management consulting firms have engaged us to help them address and improve all aspects of business development, practice growth, marketing and client communication.

Improve your networking skills with this desktop guide:

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